About Me

About Me

Hi, my name is Patrick and I´m a passionate Cloud Consultant working in Luxembourg.

As passionate End-User-Computing and Azure engineer and trainer I engage with my clients and other cloud enthusiasts in Luxembourg to increase my knowledge and to provide advice for enterprises and the community.

Prior joining Elgon in 2019, I´ve worked for several companies in the field of Cloud Consulting before.

After 11 years working in the IT I was thankful for all the blog posts, articles, videos, or any kind of knowledge transferred by other passionate engineers all over the globe, to help me increase my knowledge. For this reason I´ve started my own blog to share my knowledge, experiences, issues, and how I resolved them with the community and hope I can inspire some of you on the other hand as well.

Now you might ask, how do I get to the name WVDLogix? This is easily explained. I was always impressed, of what the cloud can deliver to enterprises and how it changed actually everyones life. Since the announcement of Microsoft´s VDI / DaaS solution in combination with the aquirement of FSLogix as their Profile Solution, I thought to combine both names to best describe of what is topic on this blog!

I´m very happy to welcome you to the blog and once again, thanks for visiting and I would be happy if I can also share the solution to an answer you might´ve been searching for a long time!

All the best!


Ps. All opinions, articles, comments or any kind of knowledge I share with you throughout the social world are my own!

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