WVD Timeline

WVD Timeline

Dear friends of the WVD Community, I´m presenting you with the WVD timeline which is in sync with the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and is extended with content from the community! This feature should give you the chance to see all changes and feature releases from Microsoft and the community at a glance! Updates will be automatically posted!

The symbols are going to show you blog announcements (exclamation mark), highlighted features (star), and general feature updates (edit button).

Feel free to share, discuss and interact with the timeline! Any feedback is appreciated.

Windows Virtual Desktop Timeline

Today we´ve started the WVDLogix – Windows Virtual Desktop timeline! This timeline will be synchronized with new announcements by the Microsoft 365 Roadmap so stay tuned about new feature releases! 

SECURITY: Best practices for WVD

“This article describes additional steps you can take as an admin to keep your customers’ Windows Virtual Desktop deployments secure.” https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us//azure/virtual-desktop/security-guide

June 2020: Office 365 Groups are being renamed to Microsoft 365 Groups

To reflect the fact that Office 365 Groups power collaboration across Microsoft 365, Office 365 Groups will become Microsoft 365 Groups. These changes will happen over time and will be reflected in all the connected endpoints over the upcoming quarters. Featured ID: 64336

June 2020: Windows Virtual Desktop support for Microsoft Teams

Windows Virtual Desktop supports A/V redirection for Microsoft Teams, including P2P technology to improve performance. Featured ID: 60622

15.06.2020: IMPORTANT Blocking older and unsupported Remote Desktop clients

Posted on 03.06.2020, David Belanger from Microsoft announced that from the 15.06.2020 older Remote Desktop Clients aren´t supported anymore to access WVD resources. Ensure your users are using the following versions or higher:  Windows Desktop (MSRDC): 1.2.247 Android: 10.0.6 macOS: 10.3.9 iOS: 10.1.0

June 2020: Location choice for Windows Virtual Desktop service data

Windows Virtual Desktop allows IT Pros to pick the region best-suited to deploy their VMs. Additionally, they can choose to store their service metadata in either US or EU geographies. Featured ID: 56432

June 2020: Windows Virtual Desktop deployment through Azure Portal

IT Pros can manage Windows Virtual Desktop deployments using the Azure Portal. Existing customers should use migration and porting steps. Featured ID: 60619

Q3 2020: Latency improvements in several international areas

Microsoft improves the latency for WVD customers in the following areas: United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, Norway, Korea, South Africa, United Arab Emirates. Additionally Microsoft gives the IT admin the choice where to place service data (see one of the mentioned regions).  Featured ID: 56432

Q3 2020: Windows Virtual Desktop: Customers can scale session hosts using Azure Automation with Spring update

NOTICE: Read my blog article series about Host Pool automation to benefit from current automation capabilities.  The Spring Update will enable customers to use the Azure automation scaling tool to optimize their session host VM costs. Featured ID: 63948

Q3 2020: Azure VM Image Builder #AIB

Q3 2020: Azure VM Image Builder #AIB

“Azure Image Builder service offers unification and simplification for your image building process across Azure and Azure Stack with an automated image building pipeline.” https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/updates/azure-vm-image-builder-service-will-be-generally-available-june-2020/